What is a professional Organizer?
The official definition from the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) is ‘A professional organizer provides information; products and assistance to help individuals and businesses achieve their specific organizing needs’.

Put simply…an organizer can set up straight-forward systems to manage your administrative tasks and workflow.

How can a professional Organizer help?
A professional Organizer can take the pressure off you and the administration and organising tasks which can often build up and become overwhelming.

This can be achieved through a one-off session to tidy up and get you back on track or you can set up appointments on a regular basis.

How do you work?
I create customized solutions to fit you – so how it works depends largely on you! I’ll set up an initial assessment and talk through your requirements, what needs doing, what could be done more efficiently and what you hope to achieve. I’ll present a proposal to you making sure we’re both clear on the scope and cost of work and then I can get started. I’ll be reporting back to you as often as you would like to update you on progress. I can come in on a regular basis or arrange a one-off visit to assist and guide you in building an effective organizing system yourself. Once set up, much of the ongoing work may be continued from off site.

Who can benefit from a professional Organizer?
Everyone needs some degree of organization and method in life. How highly individuals rate its importance is another matter. If you crave maximum economical efficiency and organization in your business or home then you can benefit.

Small businesses, who often cannot justify full-time office staff, can reap the rewards of hiring a professional organizer – all too often owners focus on the core business and place little priority on the administration tasks vital to the smooth running of the business ultimately incurring unnecessary costs.

Busy families also get great rewards from hiring a professional organizer – bills and correspondence often pile up and those school letters get lost under a pile of paperwork – a professional organizer can either set up systems to file and manage these papers or meet with you regularly to deal with all this for you.

I am not limited to the type of industry I work with and my services are completely flexible to suit your requirements.

How long does it take?
This will depend on you and your requirements; Organizing is an ongoing process not a one-off achievement. After your free initial assessment I will put together a proposal of the work required and give you an idea of cost and timeframe. Some clients want motivation and direction to help set up an easy-to-use system they can maintain themselves. Others require regular appointments with an organizer to get the job done.

How much does it cost?
There’s no simple answer. The initial consultation is always free and at that time I assess what you need doing and how often. From there I’ll make a proposal to be agreed by you.

What cities/areas do you cover?
Typically I work in the Central Okanagan area between Vernon and West Kelowna. I am happy to work further afield but a small travel expense will be billed to the client.